Thursday, December 21, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

I was recently tagged by my pal Uncle KT to blog about six weird things about me. So here goes:

1. I, as you can probably imagine after visiting my blog site, have an unnatural obsession with Alice in Wonderland. I LOVE the story and collect pretty much all things Alice. I have so many Alice books that I actually entered them into the University's book collection contest (I didn't win, but I may resubmit this year...). I will probably one day have an entire room in my house dedicated to my Alice things and I will go there and sit with books and "be" with Alice.

2. I have large hands. I believe they've actually been referred to as "man hands." Sometimes this is a good thing - for instance, it helps me handle a basketball well. Other times, I look at my hands and go "good lord - those are large hands!" I think I would probably have more of an issue with my hands if I didn't know that my grandma has the same exact hands. It's kind of comforting to know that at least it's a family trait, weird or not.

3. I compulsively record and watch TV daytime soap operas daily. I gained this obsession from my mother (thank you mom) who used to tape and watch both As the World Turns and Guiding Light daily, and I would usually end up getting caught up in the storylines with her. Now, I have to record them and try to watch them as often as possible - or at least once a week to stay caught up. I actually get upset when I go home for a weekend to find that my mom hasn't recorded soaps and has no idea what is going on in them. Then I proceed to get her caught up.

4. I have to sleep with feather pillows. I blame this on my mom (again) since I grew up with two very thin feather pillows. They were so thin that I got used to sleeping with my arms underneath my head to add extra support while I slept. Now, if I forget to bring my own (new and plenty poufy) feather pillow with me, I'm usually stuck using a big thick pillow. Since I need to sleep with my arms under my head, this just ends up giving me a neck-ache and very little sleep by the next morning. So now I basically travel like a little kid and take my pillow with me everywhere.

5. I don't know much about the movies or music of the '80s. Frankly, I don't think this is all that weird considering I wasn't even in elementary school until the late '80s, but others seem to think this is very strange. My coworkers like to claim that I didn't exist until 1992. I don't like Madonna and I had never seen The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles until my boyfriend (hubby, now) bought them for me in high school. I still don't think I missed all that much.

6. I learned to walk "like a lady" - one foot perfectly in front of the other - from my grandma. We used to go on walks together when I stayed at her house and she would watch me walk and critique whether or not it was lady-like. I didn't really think that was all that weird until I told my mom about it just a couple of years ago - and she started laughing. least I look like a lady, thanks to grandma.

That's it. See...I'm totally normal.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jonas, the Wonderous Toy-Stealin' Dog!

I posted earlier about my puppy's new-found ability to jump over our fence (the picture at left is NOT our dog, but may as well be). This has created quite a stir around our house - and because of it we've transformed our backyard into a prison (or close to it!). Lately, however, we've found him in the neighbor's yard with their three dogs - evidently making friends. One of these dogs is a mean coyote-looking dog, another is an old golden retriever, and supposedly my hubby has seen a smaller brown dog, but I have my doubts that he even exists as I have yet to see him. I always thought the coyote dog was pretty mean, but obviously my super hyper laborador thinks he can make anyone his friend. I think this may have been working for awhile, but the past few days we've noticed a bunch of new toys (stuffed animals and shoes) in our yard - and we came to the conclusion that Jonas must be stealing the neighbor dogs' toys! Every time I find a new one, I toss it over the fence so he doesn't rip it apart (which has already happened to one unfortunate teddy bear). Now I just have to wait for the right time to send all of these lost toys back over the fence...this would be much less akward if we actually had contact with our neighbors. Instead, we've never even said hi to them - all we know if they have a junkyard in their back (old, decomposing cars included), they have multiple cars parked out front at any given point in time, and they NEVER pick up their weekly local newspaper (so now everytime we take Jonas for a walk we have to avoid the disgusting pile of newspapers that has accumulated under and around their mailbox - which brings me to another point - why would anyone keep delivering papers that are OBVIOUSLY never going to be read???). The plot recently thickened when I was heading out to my car to leave for work the other morning...I had noticed that Jonas wasn't up on the deck most of the morning, so I was just wondering what had happened to him when I saw him come running through the neighbor's backyard and take a flying leap over the fence - all the while being chased by the coyote dog! I'm thinking that they were never friends after all - our poor puppy thought he could make it work and then he started stealing their toys and now they don't want to play anymore (who would, if someone was stealing your stuff?). I told my hubby that this occurred, but I don't think he believes me. I told him we need to put up more fencing to block his access to their yard, but my hubby still believes that we would be ruining a perfectly good friendship. I think he just doesn't want to buy more fencing.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Small victories

Today I did something extraordinary. I got in touch with a sales rep from a research product company and demanded a discount on the outrageously expensive kits we order from them on an almost biweekly basis. Not only were my demands met, but they were exceeded! Now I won't feel nearly as bad when I blow through an entire kit for one single experiment! I'm not sure why this makes me so happy, but it does.

On another note...the lab music today is pretty extraordinary. First we listened to Gwen Stefani's new CD, then London Bridge by Fergie, and now we're on a newly expanded CHRISTMAS playlist. YEA for Christmas carols! Some may think it's too early for Christmas music, but we have an official start date of November 15th - so we've already be listening for a few weeks! Now if only it would SNOW!