Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adam's Outstanding Guacamole Salsa

Here is one of my favorite dips to make for large parties - I just had the lab help me make it for a thesis defense party (Congrats, Dr. Sara!) we were throwing and it was met with rave reviews (I even had to send out the recipe in a department-wide email!).

It's my cousin, Adam's, recipe, so props to him for coming up with a kick-ass combination!

4-8 avocados - diced into small pieces
1 white onion - diced into small pieces
4-6 tomatoes - diced into small pieces
fresh cilantro to taste - cut finely with scissors
1 jalapeno chili - minced
3-6 garlic cloves - minced
juice of 1/2 lime (I like to use a whole one!)
juice of 1/2 lemon (same goes for the lemon)
oregano to taste
salt to taste (I like kosher or sea salt)
garlic salt to taste
pepper to taste
(I also like to add a little seasoned salt, and sometimes some chopped bell peppers)

Gently combine all ingredients. Adjust recipe according to your tastes and the flavor the the tomatoes with the season. If too thick, you can thin with Spicy V8 juice! Serve with tortilla chips. ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ugh. 5 days and counting until I'm supposed to leave for Toronto for my big conference and STILL NO PASSPORT! No passport means no trip for Mandy. Sure, I could fly somewhere close to Toronto, rent a car, and drive across the border to Toronto with only my birth certificate, but who the heck wants to do that?? The National Passport Information Center officially sucks - everytime I attempt to call them and try to get through their automated system I end up getting hung up on. Luckily, I did actually reach them via email and was told "Per your email, we have notified the passport agency regarding your application and urgent need for the passport. Every effort will be made to complete your passport prior to travel " Not exactly reassuring, huh?

If only I would have paid the extra $70 to rush it. Oh wait, they told me when I applied on March 1st that it would only take 8 weeks. The website now says it's taking closer to ten, but as of tomorrow it will officially be 11 WEEKS! Seriously, am I a suspicious person or what? The most horribly frustrating thing is there is NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT! Can't reach anyone via phone and email is pretty much a bust. So...if anyone has any suggestions- I'd definitely be open to hearing them!