Friday, June 15, 2007


We FINALLY did it! We organized and carried
out the inaugural Rice St Pub Crawl last weekend! Ever since we moved into our house 2 years ago, we've talked about doing a bar crawl up Rice St ending at our house for a BBQ and possibly more drinking. The thing is, there are some pretty interesting bars along Rice St (most of which we had never been in), however, in order to hit enough bars to make it a true "crawl" we had to take a bus approx. 3 miles down the road and then proceeded to walk all 3 miles back up - hitting the bars that were sprinkled along the way. We had about 20 people - the majority of which were in matching red t-shirts. We figured we'd lose at least 2 people considering the size of the group, but everyone managed to stick with the group and ended up back at our place at the end of the night. Now, we had a set of pre-determined rules for the pub crawl - things such as time to be spent at each bar and the drink minimum for each. Most everyone managed to follow the drink rules, but our official time keeper, my hubby, basically threw the time limits out the window! He figured since we were having such a great time at each of the bars, we simply had to stay longer! This became problematic when the pub crawl that was supposed to last approx. 5 hours ended up lasting closer to 7! Since we started at 3:00 in the afternoon we didn't make it back to BBQ until 10pm! Some people even had to run to the liquor store from the last bar in order to purchase beer before closing time. This did result in one particular person subsequently dropping an entire case of Busch Light in the middle of the street...serves him right for buying such a crappy beer! ;) All in all, the pub crawl was a success and I'm sure we'll have to make up new shirts and revised rules for the second annual next June. Maybe we'll even have to find a large alarm clock for my hubby to carry around so we stay on a time schedule (He did say he wanted one to hang around his neck like Flava-Flav)!


Uncle KT said...

are you going to invite Ivy next year?

MJ said...

hmm...maybe we'll just have to go visit her again!