Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Veggie garden, the hallway, and our new mailbox

I have been wanting to put in a vegetable garden for the past couple of years now, but I had finally decided that THIS year was going to be the year. Unfortunately, I was gone in Toronto and then back home for my little brother's graduation during the peak planting times. By the time I finally got back up and adjusted to being home again, it was EXTREMELY HOT for the entire week - therefore, I chose to stay inside in my air conditioning! But...I still really wanted to try to dig up a veggie plot to test things out - sun and conditions, whether or not Jonas would leave the plants alone, etc. So I spent a couple of hours in the heat and humidity on Sunday digging out an entire garden plot and then planting the 6 tomato and 3 jalapeƱo plants that David had graciously picked up for me. I used bamboo skewers to stake up the tomato plants temporarily and then put a low fence around the garden to attempt to deter Jonas from exploring. As of today we've only lost one tomato plant to Jonas - he thought the bamboo skewer looked interesting and went after that; the plant was just a side casualty. I've since reinforced the fence and he seems to be leaving things alone.

On another note, we are finally getting around to redoing our hallway - for those of you that have been to our house in the past two years, you've probably seen it in various states of wallpaper removal. We borrowed a steamer from David's aunt and uncle last year and steamed off all but one wall, vowing to remove the rest the following day. It's now an entire year later, we've had to return the steamer and borrow a different one from my folks, but the damn wallpaper is gone! Last night I patched up the holes in the walls, taped off the doorways, and laid down garbage bags to cover the floor. Tonight I have high hopes that we will actually get it primed! We're using the Tiki party as our deadline for having it entirely done - only 1 1/2 weeks to go!

Speaking of the Tiki party, people always seem to have a hard time finding our house - we give them what we think is good landmarks, however, everyone seems to drive by it and then have to turn around and come back to pull into our driveway. A few months ago we were driving through town and I saw a bright yellow mailbox with bright red numbers on it (Iowa St colors, perhaps?). I started thinking and decided that what we needed was a bright GOLD mailbox, as in Gophers Maroon and Gold! So...the next time you're driving to our house, just look for the obnoxiously bright yellow mailbox with maroon numbers! ;)

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Uncle KT said...

You should totally do that! I think that it would be neat. Would it be too much to put Goldy right on the flappy door part?