Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gophers vs. WI

The Gophers finished off a pretty abysmal season last Saturday as they lost to WI. BUT - they looked a hell of a lot better than they have - so maybe there's hope for next season! The young QB has been breaking records, which only bodes well for the future of the team - however, it will be interesting to see what happens next year when the coach's son has another year under his belt (he's also a QB)... All in all, it was a pretty frustrating season, but at least we had fun tailgating! Our tiny football-shaped charcoal grill even made it through to the last game - but we left it in the tailgating lot after the game because the handle on the lid had completely fallen apart and the legs were starting to fall off. Looks like it's time for us to upgrade! ;) Lucky for us we were able to party with our WI neighbors in harmony - no major clashes in our mixed group, just some fun jeering and lots of things made out of foam (they gave out foam cheer sticks to the student section, which were promptly made into hats, axes - for the trophy of the game, Paul Bunyan's axe, long cords that ran the entire length of our section, etc.).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

All ready for winter

Today we had a fairly long list of things to do around the house and yard - in order to get everything in order for winter. Even though I didn't think we were going to get through it, we did! We managed to fertilize the trees and bushes, put a cover on our chimney (and my hubby had to check out the roof while he was up there while I watched from below), rake some leaves (although we do have to actually bag and haul them this week), and clean out and re-organize the garage. This last part was crazy because we've been meaning to re-organize our garage for the past two years (essentially since we moved into our house!). During the move-in everything got shoved into random places so we spent a couple of hours cleaning things out, wiping down the shelves, storing some stuff in the attic (yes, our garage has an attic!), and sweeping it out. Then we put up a make-shift barricade to separate Jonas's side of the garage from the car's (my car's) side of the garage. This barricade is ingeniously made of 1) our old storm door, 2) the box from our new storm door, 3) Jonas's travel kennel, and 4) the basketball backboard that we have yet to hang up. So it looks a little crazy, but it is functional. And temporary, maybe. I don't really care because now I can actually park my car in the garage - which means no more scraping my windows and digging my car out of the snow all winter long! But even better, all we have to do before winter comes is to finish raking and bagging the leaves and to hang our Christmas lights! That's completely manageable.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Michael Birawer

This artist pretty much rocks. I fell in love with his paintings a few years ago and have wanted to find a place in my house for some of the prints. Since we finally finished our hallway, and now have a fairly large blank wall, I'm looking forward to picking some out and getting them hung soon! Check out his website and you can see even more fun city scenes!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I love Amazon!

Just updated an old wish list of mine on Amazon.com. I don't actually let too many people know about this list, but I think I consider it more a running tally of all of the fun books and DVDs I'd like to eventually get. However, my mom has been asking for my Christmas wish list (already!), so I let her know about it. And...while I was making my list, I started looking for Christmas cookie cookbooks - and found a used Joy of Cooking Christmas Cookie Book for $2.98 - so I ordered it and with shipping, I'll be getting it for less than $7! Just in time to start planning my Christmas baking! So...what all made it onto my wish list you may ask? For DVDs I had to include the remaining seasons of Friends (we have only a few and watch them quite often!), a bunch of Disney classics (all that advertising for the Jungle Book has put me in the mood for Disney!), a bunch of romantic comedies, most of which I already have on VHS, but that I'd like to transfer over to DVD, and Old School, simply because we can't seem to find our copy! For books, there's a few SARK faves on there, a bunch of Alice in Wonderland ones (of course!), and cookbooks (but really just Christmas cookie books and cocktail books!).

Skyline Citizen on Radio K

My little brother informed me yesterday that his band's music has been played on our local college station - Radio K. I've been requesting them all morning long, and listening to the live stream online, but haven't heard them yet. Hopefully soon though...

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Adrian Peterson broke the NFL single game rushing record today as the Vikes blew away the San Diego Chargers! He rushed for 296 yards - he'd been taken out of the game with under a minute left to play when the TV announcers said he was 2 yards short of the record. Luckily Childress put him back in and he ran for 3 more yards to break the record - and then the Vikings took a knee to end the game. This kid is the only reason to keep watching the Vikes in what is, once again, a pretty disappointing season!

Photo by Tom Oldsheid, espn.com