Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of those days...

Attempt to sleep in a bit (got home late last night from a funeral back home)
Jonas starts barking at 6:50am, put bark collar on
Go back to bed, hoping to sleep until 7:30, maybe even 8!
Jonas barks (with bark collar on) every 10 minutes or so
Finally get up (after never falling back asleep) at 7:30, feed animals, walk dog
Shower, check messages on Blackberry, get email from Pat asking me to meet him at Espresso
Email Pat back to tell him I'm running late and will be there asap
Get dressed
Have breakfast, do makeup, blow dry hair, head to work
Go straight to Espresso Expose to meet Pat (this is at about 9:45!)
Meet with Pat about revisions for Paper #1
Head back to lab with Pat
Submit poster to be printed
Start collecting contact info for all authors and reviewers for Paper #2
Receive emails from collaborator notifying me of approvals for poster and Paper #2
Email collaborator poster and notify her that I'm submitting Paper #2 today
Receive email from BIPL that proof of poster is ready
Receive email from collaborator notifying me that the suggestions she made were not incorporated into poster
Try to decipher collaborator's suggestions (no details given), wait impatiently for Pat to get out of office
Talk to Pat about collaborator's suggestions, discover he was supposed to relay these onto me
Make changes to poster, resubmit to BIPL for another proof, email copy to collaborator
Eat lunch (still haven't started submitting Paper #2)
Receive email from collaborator that changes made to poster were not adequate, other suggestions also made
Receive email from BIPL - poster proof number 2 is ready
Stomp over to Pat's office to notify him of situation
Pat makes call to collaborator
At some point I start submitting Paper #2
Pat comes over to tell me that I need to make one more change, but can do that without a proof, and I can ignore collaborator's other suggestions
Head down to BIPL, check proof number 2, make additional change, give okay to print
Head back to lab, grab check card, go in search of chocolate and pop
Finish submitting Paper #2 (hope like hell everything is right!)
Take deep breath. Refuse to work on Paper #1 revisions until tomorrow. Or maybe even Thursday...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mike & Cheryl's Weddding

Our second set of friends getting married this year just tied the knot this weekend! And yes, there are pictures of the Thriller dance at the end of this post!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thriller Dance

David is in a wedding this weekend for one of his best friends. The bride and groom have asked the wedding party to learn the dance to Thriller, which they will be "performing" for the wedding party dance (sometime after the bride and groom do the first dance). So, in the next couple of days David and I will be practicing the Thriller dance in our living room. I realized when I went to youtube to look for a Thriller video that I had never actually seen the original video. I then proceeded to watch the entire 13+ minute video, at work. Then I decided Kristi needed to know the crazy Thriller dance tutorials that are also available on youtube (every one we checked out sucked, but they were pretty funny to watch!). So in total, I think I've spent almost an entire hour watching different variations of Thriller. Hopefully I can just get my hubby ready for the big dance!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We got to meet our friends new baby, Lucas, last night! He is ADORABLE!!

Lucas was learning about the ebola virus with daddy and Laura!

He sure likes his thumb!!

Modeling a pumpkin hooded towel from Kristi and Tony!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scholl Wedding

We had another wedding last weekend - a family friend was getting married back home. The fam had a good time!

Rummage Sale Fun

Here are the pictures that Laura requested from the rummage sale! Oh, and I neglected to mention that we (I) almost burnt down the house when I turned on the wrong burner to warm up our apple cider (the other burner had a paper plate of muffins on top of it!). Luckily, I went inside (to tape Guiding Light - it saved my house!), smelled the smoke and immediately saw the source. We were able to remove the burning muffins and air the smoke out of the house, so no harm done. Although I think David almost had a heart attack when he saw the muffins later...

These were a couple of the great items we were trying to sell. The LOVE picture went the next morning, but we weren't able to even give away the shell vase (so it's in the lab's coffee room!).

Kate's feet got cold, so she made good use of a heavy pair of socks that were on the sale!

The Sport Rider - we got to see a few good demonstrations on this thing!

Yep, Laura crawled in Jonas's old dog kennel. Why not?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


So Gabe posted a bunch of wordles of the presidential (and vice-presidential) candidates acceptance speeches on his blog recently, and being the science nerd that I am, I decided to make a wordle out of the abstract for my newest paper. That led to some pretty awesome new decorations for our lab door - taking abstracts from published and soon-to-be-published papers from our lab and making them into multi-colored wordles! Too much fun!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rummage Sale Day 1

We had our first rummage sale today! I'm kind of a garage sale junkie, but even though I've been to LOTS, I've never had my own. We've accumulated a lot of stuff over the past three years we've lived in our house, so it was time to do a major clean out! We had an extra dining room table and hutch, a love seat, and two pieces of exercise equipment, not to mention the various goodie gifts (thanks Cole family!), odd gifts from the wedding, and our entire VHS movie collection!

I was lucky enough to be able to persuade both Katie and Laura to come hang out with me for the day (or most of it)! My hubby and a couple of the fire fighters even showed up for a bit (with the engine!). Today I was able to sell the love seat, dining room table, and hutch (the table and hutch, which match, sold independently within 20 minutes of each other!). Plus, some guy came by and offered me $35 for my entire box of VHS movies (which I took, because who knows if I would have been able to sell all of them!). Katie and I were both successful in selling some weird gifts we had gotten from our moms (sorry mom!). It was kind of a game to see whose stuff went first (my "always kiss me goodnight" sign, then Katie's bad-hotel-picture - although the woman did blatantly say she was just buying it for the frame, then Katie's ball clock, then FINALLY the cats-in-heels cookie jar).

My final sale of the day was to Laura, who bought the sport rider exerciser - she decided after doing 600 reps on it that she may actually use it at home! After buying lunch, and doughnuts for an afternoon snack (we could smell them from the Taste of Scandinavia across the street), I still came out with over $300 in sales! Woo-hoo! Looks like David and I can go to Duluth this fall after all!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Craigslist Virgins

We made our first sell on craigslist today - yeah! While getting ready for another first (our first garage sale this week!), we found the invisible fence we bought for Jonas (it didn't work, of course) and were able to sell it just 3 days after posting it! And we sold it for $100!!

But now I think I may be addicted. I have been compulsively checking things for the past few days, which resulted in my purchase of 2 old, wooden lawn chairs from a guy named Walt up in New Brighton. Good thing I had Katie with me, if only to validate my story. We pulled up to Walt's house and he was already walking out the door to take us around back. Down a steep hill we went, to find an entire backyard full of junk - a canoe, lots of chairs, and not 1 but 2 (!) trampolines (and keep in mind that Walt is OLD - why he even had one trampoline, I have no idea!). But the chairs were there - I wasn't expecting much based on the picture they had posted. They were fairly sturdy, but in tough shape. The best part was the cushions (which I have already thrown in the garbage!) - as I was testing the strength of the coils that supports the seat, Walt instructed me to sit down and try it out (even though I was in a skirt and it was VERY dirty!). But I did. And it was sturdy, so at least I didn't fall through! One cushion had a hole in it, and Walt chose to inform us that that was where a squirrel had been eating through the cushion. (Oh good, why not just throw them away then?)

Nonetheless, we left with the chairs (for $10!). I got home and got a call from Walt (I screened, so I just listened to his voicemail) - he tried to sell me a white plastic table to use with the chairs for $10. Good thing I screened.

I'll post before and after pictures when I get the chairs redone! Although I'm not sure I'll be able to find cushions yet this season - so you may have to use your imagination.