Thursday, November 13, 2008

State Volleyball 08

The state volleyball tourney was last weekend, so the hubby and I spent a good amount of time in downtown St. Paul watching my cousin's team. They lost the first game, so they ended up in the consolation bracket, but they won their second game so they got to play a third game on Saturday morning for the consolation championship. We had Gopher football at 11am on Saturday, but we decided to go to the 9am volleyball game and then fly over to downtown Mpls to get to the game a little late. Unfortunately the girls lost the third game, but they gave the other team a run for their money! MCW was down 2 games (you have to win 3 of 5), then they came back to win the next 2 games, to force it into a 5th game, which they lost. But it was fun! Hopefully they'll make it back next year, considering they're only losing 3 seniors and the majority of the starters are sophomores!!

Oh, and I made all of the 'cousins' t-shirts out of blue duct tape! They were a hit!

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