Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Introducing Libby!

No, she's not ours. She's my parents' new kitty - they rescued her from the family farm (namely, from brother's overly-rambunctious dog, Joey) after they discovered that her mama had been accidentally run over. She quickly escaped from her box (which was covered with a laundry basket, smart kitty) and ran down to the basement. She lived there for a good few weeks before finally getting brave enough to make friends with my parents. When we went home for Thanksgiving, we brought Syd with us. After the initial meeting (which resulted in both cats scrambling in opposite directions) they slowly started to figure each other out. They weren't exactly friends by the end of the weekend, but they had at least come to some kind of understanding. If Libby got too close to Syd, he'd raise his paw and she'd take off, but as soon as he turned around to leave she'd run after him. I think she make actually win him over when we go home for Christmas! If nothing else, it's fun to have a kitten around to play with for awhile and amusing to watch Syd avidly watch her!

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