Monday, December 15, 2008

What a fabulous show!

I went back home to see my friend, Liz, in the Christmas show The Winter Wonderettes. It was held at the old Sherburn Theater which, for those of you that know of the theater and remember it being fairly run-down and dirty (for those of you that are from the cities, think the cheap theater that used to be on Larpenteur, but even worse!), has been renovated and cleaned up to the point that it looks just awesome! The outside has a new front, the floors are no longer sticky, the seats all work - and have been re-stuffed and reupholstered, and one of the high schoolers designed an entire set of stage lights (after raising funds from the community), which were used for this play but will remain with the theater.

The show was fabulous - a ton of fun, the girls (four high school friends) were hilarious, but the details were even more amazing. The set was great - including massive candy canes made out of PVC piping that flanked the stage and a real fireplace! When we got to the theater we were greeted by a doorman dressed in suit and tie, and top hat! The costumes (wigs included!) were a riot. And best of all, I'm still singing songs from the show!

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