Thursday, January 29, 2009

You know you've been in grad school too long when..

1) Things start drastically changing around you - for example, your boss tells you that you need to compile all of your data pertaining to your recent project and present it to everyone in the lab so we can discuss. WHAT?!?! A lab meeting?? We don't have those! Except, we are. On Monday. Over coffee or lunch - what?!? Yep, there it is. That's more like it.

2) You answer the door to your lab and the prof that's at the door takes a look at you and says "Oh hey! You're still here?"

3) Your boss comes in and tells you he's sending you to Uganda for 3-6 months, once you're done with your thesis.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm on a Nature paper!

I'm officially going to be a published author in Nature! I may be buried in a list of multiple authors, but I'm on there! And, the figure I contributed to the paper actually made the final cut, so it's appearing in the paper itself (and not buried in the supplemental data!). Woo-woo!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lab Stuff

My boss and I take turns hiding this awful picture that is in our lab...not really sure how that started, but I needed to post pictures of the latest hide. This is Pat's doing, not mine. He did it before Christmas and it took me until a couple of weeks ago to find it.

Yes, he actually cut into (what was thankfully) an old edition of Current Therapy of Infectious Disease - and at the chapter about pharyngitis (how fitting!).

Luckily, once I found it, he gave me the new edition to use to prepare for the medical school lectures I'm giving in March.

Also, we just found out that our chemical fume hood has not been functioning - for who knows how long! The motor evidently blew. So we've slowly been exposing ourselves to more and more chemicals (especially since someone keeps staining slides back there!) - and best of all, I'm closest to it, so if someone comes down with some funky symptoms or weird disease in 30 years, it will be me.

And, we took a lab photo for our door - aren't we cute? I especially like how Ry-Funk, our new undergrad, is attacking Seth, our new directed research undergrad, with a pipetman.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I (heart) Technology

This weekend the hubby and I went to Best Buy and picked up our first HDTV! It's a 32" Sharp and the perfect size for our little living room. We haven't gotten our HD hooked up yet (that's on tap for Thursday), but we're looking forward to watching sports in high def (not to mention pretty much everything else)!

Also - I just discovered that FX is providing full episodes of their shows online (which would have saved us some money had this occurred a couple of years ago when we got cable just to watch Rescue Me!). I have a feeling this may mean that the hubby and I will be re-watching this season's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes sometime soon! And best of all? With the new TV we can hook up my laptop to watch the online episodes without having to crowd around one small computer!

And, if that wasn't soap, Guiding Light, is also online now! I may never have to actually watch TV (on schedule) again!

Inauguration 2009

If you have time, check out this (massive) pool of inauguration photos on Flickr!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sabering a Champagne Bottle

Here's the video of me sabering the bottle of champagne on my birthday! Thanks for sharing Gabe!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mancini's Char House & Lounge

Fantastic, fabulous, we loved it! The steaks were amazing (again) and the lounge was perfect (very old Las Vegas, as one of our friends said!), plus there was a very eclectic cover band playing so we were even able to do a little dancing! We ended the night at Laura & Gabe's and sabered not 1, but 2(!) bottles of champagne (if you don't know what that entails, look it up on youtube)! Quite possibly the most fun I've had on my birthday in years! Oh, and I won $100 on pulltabs!

No, I'm not coming after David with a knife. We 'sabered' 2 bottles of champagne!

I had to try a few times, then David tried, then I tried again, and it finally worked!

Gabe did bottle #2 on his own.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

We're off to Mancini's Char House & Lounge for supper tonight. I started off my b-day by getting hyped up on not one, but two coffees (one at home, one at work) and not one, but two cinnamon rolls (again, one at home, one at work)! Whew! Maybe that's why one of my eyes won't stop twitching... Luckily I was able to counteract most of the caffeine and sugar with lunch at Big if I could only finish my work for the day and get out of here so that I can enjoy some time at home before the big night out!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year's Eve Festivities

After getting all dressed up, the hubby and I headed to downtown St. Paul to the Lowertown Bulldog to catch part of the Gophers bowl game. We were slightly overdressed, but then we headed to a friend's condo in the area for the rest of the night where we fit right in! It was another good party, although slightly more calm than last year's festivities - we had a bottle of Absinthe at this year's party, but didn't drink it straight like last year...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another Etsy Post!

I have to share this awesome handmade item I found on Etsy for my parents' Christmas gift - a heirloom family tree! I stumbled across this seller, Hope Studios, and fell in love with her stuff - and it was perfect timing because I hadn't found a gift for my parents yet (and neither had my brothers, so they were willing to go in on it!) and the day I found it was the last day I could place an order for it to be shipped in time for Christmas. I quickly emailed and texted my brothers to see if they'd be wiling to go in on it, and then placed an order after clearing up some confusion (Daniel thought it was just a painting of a bare tree...he didn't bother to actually read the explanation!). All in all, I think my parent's really liked it - and assuming this seller sticks around for awhile, we'll be able to order more "leaves" for the tree as our family grows!

Here's an example of the tree (this is not actually our family!)

My parents opening their gift!

Another quick note - I've included an Etsy mini on the side of my blog - including some of my favorite items from Etsy - as more enticement to get you to check out this fantastic site! ;)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Recap

The holidays have been a bit of a blur - we traveled home to see both families over Christmas, came back up for a few days, then headed home again on New Year's Day to see my mom's side of the family that was in town for the long weekend. We're finally back in our home and happy to not have to travel anywhere anytime soon! Although, we did book tix to Orlando to visit David's brother, Brian, and the rest of his family for President's Day weekend - yeah!

My youngest brother, Daniel's, girlfriend Jill was able to join us for Christmas Eve - here's the group picture that my mom is using for a belated Christmas card. Can you see the family resemblance? :)

Also, my dad enlisted Daniel's help with his gift for my mom - he bought her waders for fishing, dock removal, etc. but disguised them in a large Victoria's Secret box...which Daniel made the mistake of saying was "actually from him, not dad!"

Stephen brought all of us back gifts from the Cambodian markets - including some sketchy looking alcohol called Special Muscle Wine made primarily from deer antlers (David has a bottle for those of you interested in trying some!).

One major highlight of the holidays was getting to see Brian and Jen and the kids - Alex is 5 and Emory is 1.5 so they were at a great age for opening up presents!

Best Christmas presents? Just about every member of both of our families bought us Gopher tailgating gear - we finally got a new tailgating grill, U of M chairs, Brew's Crew t-shirts, and best of all - automatic handwarmers for watching games OUTDOORS in the new stadium!! We're getting closer to being one of the more 'hardcore' tailgating groups with all of the new gear! Now we just need my little brother to build us one of those humongous flags to fly above the Xterra...