Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Recap

The holidays have been a bit of a blur - we traveled home to see both families over Christmas, came back up for a few days, then headed home again on New Year's Day to see my mom's side of the family that was in town for the long weekend. We're finally back in our home and happy to not have to travel anywhere anytime soon! Although, we did book tix to Orlando to visit David's brother, Brian, and the rest of his family for President's Day weekend - yeah!

My youngest brother, Daniel's, girlfriend Jill was able to join us for Christmas Eve - here's the group picture that my mom is using for a belated Christmas card. Can you see the family resemblance? :)

Also, my dad enlisted Daniel's help with his gift for my mom - he bought her waders for fishing, dock removal, etc. but disguised them in a large Victoria's Secret box...which Daniel made the mistake of saying was "actually from him, not dad!"

Stephen brought all of us back gifts from the Cambodian markets - including some sketchy looking alcohol called Special Muscle Wine made primarily from deer antlers (David has a bottle for those of you interested in trying some!).

One major highlight of the holidays was getting to see Brian and Jen and the kids - Alex is 5 and Emory is 1.5 so they were at a great age for opening up presents!

Best Christmas presents? Just about every member of both of our families bought us Gopher tailgating gear - we finally got a new tailgating grill, U of M chairs, Brew's Crew t-shirts, and best of all - automatic handwarmers for watching games OUTDOORS in the new stadium!! We're getting closer to being one of the more 'hardcore' tailgating groups with all of the new gear! Now we just need my little brother to build us one of those humongous flags to fly above the Xterra...

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