Sunday, February 08, 2009

25 Random Things About Me…

1) I’m an obsessive person. I get completely addicted to things – luckily these things are usually books (Twilight series – seriously, I just spent the past week and a half with my nose in a book – I think David almost killed me!) or TV shows (Six Feet Under) and not something like drugs.
2) On that same note, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alice in Wonderland. I fell in love with the story as a child, played Alice in a children’s theater play, and have collected all things “Alice” ever since. At last count, I had 37 different books relating to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
3) I danced for 11 years – only quitting after my freshman year in high school because I wanted to play basketball instead, but as a kid I literally couldn’t remember the part of my life before I started dancing.
4) I’m from a small town, where I started friendships that have lasted 27 years, met my husband, and had an awesome childhood, but I don’t ever want to move back. Ever. I hope to find a community that is sufficiently supportive for my own kids, and I hope that a larger town will provide them with more opportunities than my husband and I had.
5) I have a hard time doing something only part-way. I’m either all in or not in at all. It’s annoying.
6) I love to bake – mostly cookies, but I branch out every now and then. Except for necessary events (and Christmas), I usually just bake when stressed. My college roomies loved me during Finals week.
7) I still have a hard time believing that I met my perfect mate at such a young age.
8) I really love hosting things –I love coming up with themed drinks and menus, not to mention the decorating! I think I come by it naturally – not from my parents, necessarily, but from my dad’s cousin, Jan, who I spent a lot of time “helping” host family events as a kid.
9) I also love gardening, which I didn’t realize until I had my own home and gardens, but I love the experimental process behind designing the space.
10) My husband and I have been Gopher season ticket holders for the past 8 years. I never really got into football until I started more regularly hanging out with my then-boyfriend, now-husband and his family, who all are avid Vikings fans. I guess I easily got hooked (see #1 and #5).
11) I have a thing for coats. I don’t keep track of how many I have, but it’s a lot. I blame it on my grandma, who has excellent taste and probably even more jackets than I have!
12) I’m named for my mom’s mom (my other grandma) and her mom before her. If I have a daughter some day, I haven’t decided whether she’ll be Amanda, too, or not.
13) I blame graduate school on a lot of things, but most of all on my ability to appreciate (and be somewhat snobbish about) good beer, wine, and coffee.
14) I like to corrupt my husband – he used to drink only Grain Belt beer and cheap booze, but now he’s trying microbrews, loves wine, and is even more of a snob about his coffee.
15) Our dream home would be on a vineyard in Sonoma Valley.
16) I’m crazy-proud of my husband, the fire fighter, and the fact that he’s found a perfect career for himself.
17) I ended up going to graduate school because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my microbiology degree and had enjoyed the little bit of directed research I had done as an undergrad, but I seriously had NO idea what I was getting myself into. As I progressed through graduate school I realized how much I want to teach and stay in the academic setting, so I guess I ended up in the right place after all.
18) Even if I don’t end up in the same field that I’m currently in, I will always value my graduate training because it has taught me how to problem-solve (which is a very big understatement).
19) I think my alternate career would be to open my own gift & coffee shop and/or wine bar (or winery, if my husband gets his way!).
20) I love my pets, but after seeing how crazy they are, I can’t wait to see how we’ll do raising kids.
21) I love to take pictures and have bought a ridiculously expensive camera to do so.
22) I constantly think of ways to make things more efficient. It drives me nuts to go through a process that takes more time than it should.
23) I was in 4-H and FFA in high school - I judged eggs and chickens and showed pigs. Although it’s not that odd, considering I was raised on a hog farm and am from a rural community, it cracks up everyone else that I’ve met.
24) I love music, but my favorites all happen to be ones that I can easily sing along with – if I can’t actually sing it, then it’s not going to make my playlist.
25) One day I realized that there were only two main ‘luxuries’ that I’d like to own someday - a vintage convertible and a hot tub. Then I realized how much I sounded like my dad, who already owns both. Weird.

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