Sunday, March 29, 2009

GHEC State Champs!

The hubby got sent up to Moorhead Friday night to help with sandbagging and water rescue for the flooding situation, so that left me home alone for the weekend. Since I had been sitting in my living room working on my thesis for the past three days straight, I was desperate for an excuse, any excuse to get out of my house on Saturday. So what did I do? I went to the high school state boys basketball class A championship game downtown with my folks. A small, conglomerate school from our county back home not only made it into the state championship, but they WON it! They came from behind, after starting out slow in the second half, to take the lead and win it in overtime! It was a great game, and like any state basketball tourney that produces teams from small towns, the stands were packed with GHEC fans, families, and friends from the surrounding areas (pretty sure half of Martin County was there!). Five years ago my little brother's team made it into the state 2A championship game, but weren't able to pull off the win, so it was great getting to see another small school from the area do so! There was a pretty good story on it in the Star Tribune today - a little hokey considering the whole family farm aspect, but I suppose fairly accurate.

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