Monday, March 23, 2009

An update on the thesis writing process

It's been a couple of weeks of almost total devotion to thesis writing. I think it's going pretty well. Today I am working on wrapping up the introduction, and then writing the abstract and acknowledgments sections. The materials and methods and results sections are done (with the exception of possibly adding in a couple of experiments that I may do to wrap things up). So after that, I just need to A) potentially add in 1-2 experiments that will hopefully be done by our collaborators down in Iowa in the next few weeks and B) write up the discussion and conclusion and then C) make sure everything is formatted correctly and it reads half-way well. Then it's off to the boss to edit before turning it over to the readers on my thesis committee, then scheduling the defense (and putting together the ppt that is required for that), and graduating. At this point it seems almost possible that I will be done soon. Crazy.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share with you my weird eating habits when I'm writing (not just my thesis, some of these go back to my studying and writing habits in college). Most afternoons I like to eat M&Ms and buttermilk ranch pretzel bits with pop. Terrible for you, but they seem to help with the stress, so I frankly don't care. :)


Uncle KT said...

Very cool! (About being done) The snacks sound great too...but I'm a sucker for almost anything chocolate or salty!

J-Funk said...

Good luck!

Have you seen Twilight yet? We bought it, but I'm waiting to watch it with some of my lady-friends that I've suckered into reading the series.

MJ said...

Yes! I bought it and watched it on Sunday and it was a lot of fun - and it followed the book really well! Hope you enjoy!!