Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After a whirlwind of activity - and lots of inactive waiting - I finally scheduled my thesis defense for Monday, May 18th! I was hoping to defend a little earlier in May, but it seems that my committee members are all heading out of town as soon as May hits. And of course any of the rooms that I wanted to reserve are all unavailable, so I've been wandering around checking out the available rooms to decide if they're satisfactory or not. I think I finally found a room that meets my specifications (updated, plenty of space - without being too big, and good layout), so I think everything it about set! Thanks goodness!


Uncle KT said...

Congrats!! Very Exciting.

Ted said...

Where is your defense? Me, Erin, and Lucas may make an appearance if there is a celebration afterwards.

MJ said...

The defense will be at 9am in Moos 5-125. Party in the elevator lobby after! ;) You are all invited to come!!