Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's official. I have a post-doc.

Just finished lining up my post-doc, which I will start this fall. I'll stay at the U of MN, but I'll be switching departments and moving over to the St. Paul campus (which, I have to admit, I'm kind of excited to be on the slower, smaller campus again - plus, it's a shorter commute!). I'll be working with Dave Brown in the vet bioscience department, looking at how opioids affect the interaction of Salmonella with intestinal epithelial cells. Meanwhile, I am working on the presentation for my thesis defense - less than 2 weeks away! Today, I met to have coffee and brainstorm with my other mentor-to-be, Lucy. We chatted about a couple of grants that she's looking to put together involving probiotics, but after making a couple of suggestions, I got homework! Now, I need to find time in between doing the experiments I've been slowly starting up in the lab and working on my thesis defense to write up some experiments for one of the grants! Looks like I should be able to keep busy before I graduate!


Redevetter said...

Whew! That's great. Cross that off the list of things to do. Things are lining up....big changes ahead!

MJ said...

I know! It's all kind of crazy and scary!