Monday, June 01, 2009


So I officially started my temporary post-doc with Pat today. I am currently trying not to cuss out my computer while I impatiently wait for some files to be converted to pdfs for an online manuscript submission. Bah! I obviously should have waited to submit the manuscript tomorrow during work so that I wasn't caught here later than I wanted to be. Oh well. At least it will leave things slightly more open tomorrow, which is good since it's the boss's 60th birthday and we will need to celebrate!


Uncle KT said...

So how long did it take when all was said and done...?

MJ said...

I think it took over an hour, maybe closer to two, but I can't even remember when I started the whole mess. And actually, it got sent back to us not once, but twice!, so it only officially went through as of this morning. Ridiculous.