Monday, June 15, 2009

Rice St Pub Crawl 2009

Another year, another successful pub crawl. Here are a few highlights and pics to commemorate the event!

1) The Fett clan, although they claimed they would make the bus for the first time this year, still managed to miss it and had to meet us at the Lamplighter.
2) Lucas, Adam, Laura, and Elena all ran to the Chalet to call the shot for everyone, but ended up working together to make up a shot - they called it the Pub Crawl and it was pure vodka and rum. Yikes!
3) The bartender at Dean's said we were making him thirsty, so he joined us in having a vodka drink. Then he proceeded to hand out lots and lots of baskets of deep fried tacos to our hungry and slightly drunk bunch.
4) Stephen managed to break the official pub crawl timer.
5) Everyone made it over the Rice St bridge (always a concern for us), Lucas led the way in encouraging cars driving under the bridge to honk at us.
6) The bartender at Brady's told us that we weren't as drunk as we were the years previous...
7) Lots of Big Buck Hunter was played - it was by far the most popular video game. We also played quite a few pull tabs, but I believe we collectively only won $2 (which means that we did not come out ahead!).
8) Everyone made it to the final bar! No, the hubby didn't take any cold medicine this year, however, I did end up taking him home a bit earlier than everyone else, which led to...
9) The hosts (us!) being in bed by the time everyone else got back from the bar, so...
10) Everyone partied without us at our house and a good time was had by all. I got up to make them all egg bake the next morning, which I think made up for the fact that we went to bed early!

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Uncle KT said...

Looks like another good time was had by all!