Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My trip to Martha's Vineyard

No, I was not there while the Obamas were vacationing there (thank god!). We did, however, notice lots of signs welcoming the first family and all sorts of Obama-related merchandise in the stores. It's been 5 years since I graduated from college with my two twin roomies, Katie and Jenny, so we decided it was time for an all-girls getaway! Since they're both in Boston (and Katie is about to move across the country to Seattle to start her post-doc) we decided that I should fly to Boston and then we could hit someplace on the coast to keep costs down. The girls picked Martha's Vineyard, and it was perfect! I flew into Boston on a Thursday morning, got picked up at the airport by the two girls, and then spent some time shopping and hanging out in Harvard Square with Jenny while Katie had to go into the lab for awhile. That night, we came back to Cambridge to hit a Mexican restaurant that I had been to the last time I was out in Boston (and was subsequently craving!). The next morning, we drove out to Woods Hole, grabbed a shuttle to the harbor, and boarded a LARGE ferry to take to the island.

We stayed in a small cottage in Vineyard Haven, which ended up being almost connected to the owners' house (but it worked out just fine since we weren't there all that much anyways!). We spent the next few days exploring the island - in Vineyard Haven we thoroughly explored the stores (I found a designer diaper bag on clearance for $30 since it had a broken zipper, but I've since gotten it fixed for $13, which still ended up costing almost half as much as the original price of the bag!), hit the Black Dog Tavern for coffee and sweets, and ate fresh lobster, clams, and mussels at the Net Result the first night we got in.

The next day we took a couple of buses across the island to the Aquinnah Clay Cliffs - hit the beach (it was too hot to stay out too long!), wandered across a nude part of the beach, and enjoyed some food for lunch in the shaded restaurant on top of the cliffs. That night we saw Julie & Julia (so good!) in a tiny theater in town (seriously, smaller than the Sherburn movie theater back home!).

On Sunday, we tried to hit the Art Cliff Diner for breakfast (after reading about it in the guide books), but it was too busy, so we took a bus over to Oak Bluffs and had a late breakfast/brunch at A Slice of Life, which was awesome! I had a bagel sandwich with gruyere, ham, sliced green apples, and red onions. Perfect for a hearty breakfast! Although, I did need to stop and grab a slice of pizza after shopping for a couple of hours! In Oak Bluffs, we also walked through the area of brightly colored gingerbread cottages that originally made up a large church camp area, and we saw the oldest operating carousel (the horses don't move up and down, but they do have real horse hair!). It was inside a non-air-conditioned building and swarming with parents trying to get pictures of their kids, so we didn't take time to ride it ourselves.

After heading back to Vineyard Haven, we stopped and got pedicures and were able to chat with some local ladies. Then it was off to Edgartown to hit a few (much more swanky) shops, check out the harbor, and eat a fantastic fancy dinner at Chesca's. Monday was spent traveling back to Boston, trying to avoid the heat, checking up on email (my internet went down on my blackberry - oh no!), getting huge ice cream cones at JP Licks, then heading to Beacon Hill to eat at Fig's, a Todd English restaurant (who is evidently some Food Network chef, but I don't know him!). For dessert, we went to the North End for cannolis, which I had been craving - but we hit Modern Pastry instead of Mike's so the cannoli I had wasn't quite as good (sorry Leif!), but the fruit tart was tasty! It's probably a good thing the cannoli didn't quite hit the spot, otherwise I would've had to try to find them in the cities (or learn how to make them myself - yikes!).

All in all, it was a GREAT trip! Can't wait to do it again in 5 years - Napa or NYC, here we come!!


Fixen Vixen said...

It was an awesome trip! Miss you lots!

Laura said...

It looks so gorgeous! I'm jealous!