Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rummage Sales!

I have a slight addiction to rummage sales, which is especially bad now that I live in a city where the rummage sales start on Thursdays and go through Saturdays. Usually I can resist the temptation and get myself into work without stopping, but today I noticed one in our area when I was out walking the dog, so I decided to swing by on my way in. It was awesome. I found a barely (or never) used baby backpack carrier for $10 and a few children's board books for 25 cents a piece. Then, after my slight mania at my new finds, I slowly migrated into work along the back roads and hit a few more - I ended up with a stationary bouncer/activity station for $10, a sewing book for myself, and a child's life jacket for at my parents' cabin.

Last weekend, I dragged David out to a few rummage sales that I had looked up on Craigslist. Unfortunately, most of the Craigslist rummage sales usually end up being a bust, but we did find one good one where we ended up waiting for the garage doors to open (along with one other expecting couple and a new mom and her baby boy), then grabbing some 24 month fleece pjs that we'll put into storage and some good, cheap toys.

My good friend, and fellow mom, Sara, just informed me of her obsession with ebay and how she buys cheap clothes for her kid on there. I'm definitely going to have to check that out next!

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Redevetter said...

Careful. It's a slippery, slippery slope....that reminds me I have to check an auction ;)