Monday, September 28, 2009

House Projects Update

For those of you that were anxiously awaiting to hear when we would finally get our bathroom vent fixed, we got it accomplished this weekend. We tried to do it sooner on our own, but after pulling the old motor out we realized that the vent we had purchased wasn't as the box currently in our bathroom ceiling. Luckily, we had David's folks up this weekend, so David and his dad jimmy-rigged the new vent into the existing vent box. They then took a break to have lunch and watch the last half of the amazing Vikes game and then worked on mounting an outdoor motion light on the corner of the garage. Luckily, they didn't start that project early (as David had suggested after the Vikes were unable to get a 1st down with a couple of minutes left), so they were able to catch the last 12 seconds of the game, in which Favre launched one into the end zone to win! (No, I still don't really like the man, but that was a hell of a throw!) The motion light was on most of the night, so we're not sure what kept setting it off - may need to do some adjustments to the sensitivity (hopefully it's not picking up the busy traffic on our street!?!). All in all, it was a fairly productive weekend, which is good because fall is officially here, and before we know it winter will be on its way - and then the baby will come! Whew! Too much to do!

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Uncle KT said...

Liking Favre "the man" and liking Favre "the quarterback" are two different things. He's very entertaining on the field, kind of sad in real life.