Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Baby Uno will be here in just over 3 months, so I've been reflecting on the pregnancy thus far and thought it may be fun to share some random tidbits. First off, I was just telling David that the other day I looked down and realized that I could no longer see my feet. Sure, I can lean over and still find them, but if I'm standing remotely straight, they may as well not be there. Second, my baby bump evidently looks conspicuous. The security guards focus on my belly (and ONLY my belly) as I walk into the new stadium. I can only imagine that will get worse as time goes on. Third, I can't believe just how scatterbrained I've become. I am not a scatterbrained person, so it's especially annoying (and worrying!) to deal with my brain on pregnancy hormones. Fourth, I always thought that the whole belly-button-popping-out thing would happen at the very end of the pregnancy, but almost a month ago, I realized that all of a sudden, my belly button wasn't as deep as it normally was. Since then, we've watched it steadily decrease in depth - it's not quite even with the rest of my belly yet, but getting closer every day! So I'm definitely on track to have it pop long before the baby is ready to come! Fifth, in addition to my scatterbrain, I have ridiculous panicky moments/days/months. I think I'm in one now. Although I realize that most of the things I panic about are completely irrational, it doesn't matter, I can't stop worrying over and trying to come up with solutions and plans to deal with whatever random concern is currently on my mind. It think it's driving my husband a little crazy. Sixth, as far as cravings go, I had a good month or so in which my cravings were dictated almost entirely by other people's suggestions. I don't mean to say that people were necessarily telling me what to crave, but if a certain restaurant or type of food came up in conversation, inevitably I'd have to track it down. This resulted in me having multiple rounds of Chipotle, Latuff's pizza (which David had to drive over to Plymouth for!), Indian takeout, a big breakfast trip to Key's Cafe (thanks Adam!), among others. Thankfully, Jenny's suggestion of brussel sprouts while we were in Martha's Vineyard never panned out! Currently, I don't think I've had too many cravings, although my usual sweet tooth is extra bad. Maybe my biggest craving is Halloween Oreos, since I managed to eat an entire row when I bought my first bag last week. (David said I shouldn't share that little bit of information, but since that's probably not all that far off from what I would normally do with my first pack of Halloween Oreos, I'm not at all ashamed of that fact.) Other than that, I've been making lots of cookies and have been enjoying candy corn, m&ms, and fun size Snickers bars (which are smaller than they used to be, fyi). Oh, and my normal addiction to Chipotle Tobasco sauce has sky-rocketed. I think our kid is going to come out requesting Tobasco and jalapenos with every meal! So maybe I've been having more enhancements of my normal cravings instead of weird and random ones! And of course, I had one other thing I was going write about, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was! Bah!


Redevetter said...

Oh yeah, I remember the belly staring thing. It's wierd to have men stare at your belly instead of your boobs.

Fixen Vixen said...

Think of how much more difficult it will be to walk into bars!