Monday, September 07, 2009

A Weekend of Projects

Four day weekend? Sounds good, until you compulsively spend it doing house projects! And that's on top of many projects that we've been working on for the past month. So what have we done? Here's the list:

1) Primed and painted nursery, including vertical stripes
2) Replaced ceiling light in nursery
3) Replaced light switch and all four electrical outlets in nursery
4) Replaced ceiling light in bathroom
5) Moved old ceiling light from bathroom to office
6) Spray painted bathroom sconces to match new ceiling light
7) Rearranged office and moved elliptical downstairs into it
8) Removed old entry door, installed new one (with help from my dad!)
9) Removed old storm door, installed new one (much easier the second time around!)
10) Painted new entry door cranberry to match the storm door and the front doors

Oh, and we tried removing the bathroom vent while we were messing around with the ceiling light so that we could clean it. We ended up breaking the cover, realizing that we couldn't buy a new cover - just a whole new vent, and then our old vent (with the broken cover) started making crazy loud noises - so maybe it's a good thing that we had to buy a whole new vent! That's next on the to-do list. It never ends...


Uncle KT said...

When I see a list like that I realize that renting does have perks!

Laura said...

Wait is the handle on the other side of the door now? Thats really going to throw me off!

Laura said...

Nevermind thats the OUTSIDE door handle! Phew I guess I can continue to come over.

MJ said...

But yes, the storm door handle switched sides- there wasn't enough room in the new door frame to fit both handles.

David said...

Laura, all we had to do was just switch the handle and you will stop coming over?! Looks like we have to redo the door next weekend....;)