Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oktoberfest Beer and Diapers Party

This past weekend the hubby and I hosted our final pre-baby party - it was an Oktoberfest-themed party in which we had our guests bring one 6-pack of an Oktoberfest or fall-season beer to share and a pack of diapers for us! We provided lots of yummy food, including chili, broccoli cheese soup, ginger and pumpkin cookies, and munchies, plus a bonfire (which didn't go so well because the wood was fairly cold and wet - even after we moved it into the garage to prevent it from getting rained on the week before!) and plenty of board games for those unwilling to venture outside. All in all, it was a fun night, there was a lot of yummy (looking) beer to try out and we ended up with a small cache of diapers and wipes (and one bib!) to get ready for the baby!

Syd really enjoyed the large stack of packages, until he managed to knock them over.


Uncle KT said...

I got into a conversation about ice cream flavors yesterday with some ladies at the gym (go figure, we're all there working out and talking about how we're going to undo our good work at the grocery store) and someone mentioned cinnamon ice cream.

I'll bet the pumpkin cookies would be good turned into ice cream sandwiches with cinnemon ice cream (especially since you left out the ginger).

Can you tell I'm hungry?

MJ said...

Hmm...I may have to try that out!

MJ said...

Bummer about Kevin being sick, by the way! I was wondering where you guys were at - and then realized you had changed your RSVP! Hope he's feeling better now!

Uncle KT said...

He is for the most part, but now I've got it. So I'm going to be croaking and sniffling through my interview on Monday. Great timing.