Monday, October 26, 2009

Whew! 30 weeks!

I hit 30 weeks on Friday, and meant to blog about it, but was swept up in new lab stuff - a teaching seminar, dealing with the cells for an experiment I hope to do this week, and various other little things that led to my distraction. I procrastinated about taking a picture yesterday - mostly because after I showered for the day, I didn't want to blow dry my hair or put on makeup, and frankly, we don't need photographic evidence of that. So, I'm due for a photo soon.

Tonight we start our 5 week course of birthing classes at the hospital where we will be delivering. We're not really sure what to expect, and as of this morning we still couldn't find out where the class is being held, so it should be interesting. I'll be sure to post any good stories.

We're just a few short days away from Nov 1st, which means I'll be two months away from my due date! The nursery is coming along - we're just waiting for our rocking recliner to get in and then for our baby shower to really get everything stocked. We're slowly crossing off our pre-baby 'to-do' list and trying to enjoy the final 2 months of life without a kid. We did manage to get to a concert last week, and we just bought tickets to see the Moscow Ballet's rendition of the Nutcracker for the second weekend in December (here's hoping she doesn't come too early!). We have 3 more Gopher home football games, at least 1 baby shower, and a big Thanksgiving holiday to look forward to in the next 5 weeks, so we'll be plenty busy!

I'm still feeling pretty good - but still having a hard time sleeping (can't get comfy), thus getting more tired during the day. I continue to get larger daily, and Baby Uno's movements are more and more pronounced. Now, instead of just feeling a kick out at my belly, I feel movements throughout my uterus. And, she's hiccuping a lot, which feels like a weird pulsing in my belly, but I checked with the NP last week and it's definitely hiccups! This whole process is so strange, it's hard to really describe.

I'll be sure to post more later this week - including pics of the bookshelf I painted for the nursery, and one of my ever-expanding belly!


J-Funk said...

what rocking recliner did you get?

I want to see pictures!!

You sound a little like us, only two months further along (imagine that!). Briana told me that her baby hiccupped at the end too. That would be weird!

MJ said...

We ended up getting a rocking recliner from HOM furniture (instead of one of the gliders from a baby store). It should be a bit more comfortable, plus we're hoping to get some use out of it post-baby!

It's kind of fun hearing about other pregnant ladies, isn't it?? It's like this whole weird pregnant woman community that you're completely unaware of until you become one yourself! :)

Redevetter said...

We got a rocking recliner too, and we are really happy with that still.

J-Funk said...

Yes the pregnant lady life is unique! I was happy when I found out you were a few months ahead of me so I'd have a role model. I don't know too many people that are pregnant right now!!

Also guess what? I got my FLU SHOT today!!! yay!

MJ said...

Yay for that! I'm still waiting...