Friday, November 06, 2009

My baby brother's 21 today!

Wow. I feel old. My littlest brother is 21 today - we're taking him out for juicy lucy's at the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul for supper tonight, then my other brother (the one that's already legal, but still young enough to drink copious amounts of booze in one evening) is taking him out on the town for the night. The hubby and I decided we would skip that part - especially since I can't partake in the drinking end of things and we both have to be up early for tailgating tomorrow morning!

We did, however, put together a pretty fantastic (if I do say so myself) birthday gift. We found this ridiculous ceramic pig planter and filled it with 21 shooters - he'll literally have to shake them out to get at all of them!

He just stopped by to visit me in my glamorous new office (heavy sarcasm here), and I warned him to drink LOTS of water this afternoon and to not take any cold medicine, which I'm pretty sure he was planning on doing. Based on my hubby's prior experiences mixing cold meds and alcohol, I hope I sufficiently scared him into listening to me!

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