Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Baby Shower

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from Baby Uno's baby shower! It was Alice in Wonderland themed and the four girls that hosted it did a wonderful job!! The guys were invited, too, but they spent most of the afternoon in the basement watching football, drinking beer, and eating more manly snacks (cheese dip, buffalo chicken dip, cocktail weiners, etc.) while the women were all upstairs having fancy girly food (sangria, spinach artichoke dip, fruit salad, veggie pizza, etc.) and playing a few games (no candy diapers, thank goodness!). Everyone got together to watch the gift opening and then people started to take off. A group of us stayed later - which is when the sabering of the champagne bottle happened (that's why Mike is holding a large knife...), plus more drinking and shenanigans in the basement (we decided it was time to hit the manly junk food by then). All in all, it was a great party and baby Uno got all sorts of goodies to make her feel extra welcome coming into this world! And best of all? David and I managed to get the thank yous taken care of this weekend! Whew! It was especially difficult as my hands (and feet, but that's another story) are swollen, which makes it pretty hard to write!!

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J-Funk said...

swollen hands and feet, blah! I've noticed that if I eat anything salty at all I balloon up, to the point where I'm actually getting a little turned off by salt (which means I'm not even craving french fries anymore... weird!). Your shower sounds awesome!