Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Since the baby is soon to arrive, the hubby and I are staying put for the holidays. This means we're entertaining our immediate families over the next couple of weeks. Lucky for us, we aren't responsible for the entire weekend of food - this weekend we're making chicken and wild rice soup for Friday night with my folks, going out to eat Saturday night, and then making a nice Christmas meal (prime rib, I believe) with my family on Sunday. Since I normally bake LOTS of cookies for the holidays, I had to be sure to have some treats on hand, although it's not as many as usual (perhaps due to the fact that I've almost single-handedly eaten an entire batch of praline chocolate chip cookies over the past week!).

That being said, the house also had to be prepared for the festivities. Thankfully, my old college roomy was in town the first weekend in December and she graciously offered to help me decorate! She even walked over to the tree lot with David and I to help pick out our tree (it was extra hard this year since we were trying to be even more conscience of the size and space it was going to take up in our small living room!). Thanks Kate!! Here's some snapshots of the house in it's holiday splendor...the outside is also decorated with lights, spruce tops, and wreaths, but it's been too cold to bother getting pictures!

The kitchen:

The dining room:

The living room:

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