Monday, December 28, 2009

This week??

We're due on FRIDAY - that's only 4 days away! Here's hoping Baby Uno is ready to come by then!! Here's the most recent picture at 39 weeks:

Compared to our 36 week photo - it's hard to see much of a difference - it's more evident when you see the bare belly. Trust me, it's bigger - and it is lower (which you may be able to see in these pics)!

Oh, and here's another belly pic that my hubby decided to take - lovely.

We had another great family Christmas this weekend - with David's side this time. We got lots of great stuff (for us and for baby!), but it was especially nice to just spend some time with both of the families prior to Baby Uno's arrival (god knows we will not be the center of attention any time soon after her arrival!). We spent a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just the two of us - and we managed to see two movies in the theater over the past few days (It's Complicated and Sherlock Holmes - we would both highly recommend either one!). Instead of making the fancy Cornish game hens on Christmas night (which were thawed and waiting in our fridge) we decided to come home from the theater and make homemade pizza - it was perfect. Looks like we may need to make the game hens sometime soon, because that is not something I want to prepare with a newborn around!

Send good thoughts our way - hopefully Baby Uno will take a hint and come out to meet us!


Laura said...

I'm definitely hoping you aren't as late as Kelly! Still no word and its been 10 days since her due date!

Fixen Vixen said...

She definitely looks like she is sitting lower. Can't wait to meet her! Good luck Baby Momma! I am sending all my good vibes your way.

Uncle KT said...

Maybe Baby Uno will be a good luck charm for the Vikings. Looks like they could use a new fan and some luck. I'm guessing that Uno has some Baby Vikings gear just waiting to be worn?

MJ said...

No gear yet, but she does have a Vikings receiving blanket ready for her! ;)

Jenni said...

thinking about you!!

Jenni said...

happy due date! (c: