Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 1 week Mia, Happy 28 years Mommy!

Had a wonderful birthday yesterday - along with celebrating one full week with our new baby girl! I had four requests - 1) to have pastries from Taste of Scandinavia for breakfast (David ran out and got some), 2) to take a long shower that allows me time to shave my legs (check), 3) to leave the house at some point - hadn't left since Tuesday (we ran to Target with the baby - especially interesting to figure out how to mount the baby carseat on the cart since ours is backwards from everyone else! - felt like we had the baby on display since she had to face out!), and 4) to have beer and pizza and enjoy the company of some good friends (check!).


Uncle KT said...

Happy Birthday!

MJ said...

thanks KT!

Laura said...

Yay, she's wearing my duck outfit!