Monday, February 01, 2010

Kids rock!

Had to post this video of Alex and Emory singing and dancing to "We will rock you" - too cute!


Keith and Mary Jo said...

My lucky day....I get to see all the grandchildren in one spot! Thanks for such a fun blog Mandy. I check in often to see how Mia is changing day by day. She is such a cutie, and yes, is looking more like her Mommy too.

We are enjoying warmer weather in Mesa AZ and hate the thought of returning to the cold. I am guessing Great Grandpa Leonard will show up soon down here.

Hugs for Mia.....Keith and Mary Jo Bromley

MJ said...

thanks Keith and Mary Jo! Glad you are enjoying the blog (and some nice weather - after another snowstorm, we are completely jealous)!