Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last Week

I can't believe that this is my LAST week of maternity leave! It's gone by so fast! I was lucky enough to get two extra weeks in addition to the mandatory 6 weeks, so I'll have been off for a full 2 months, but I still can't believe that it's already time to head back. We found a woman that does daycare in her home near our house, and Mia has already spent one morning over there to get her (and me!) acclimated. After doing a few interviews, we're pretty confident that we made the right choice for us and our daughter, but it's going to be a hard transition. In addition to getting used to leaving her with someone else all day, I have to get back into a routine that involves getting up earlier, dealing with both pets, feeding, dressing, and packing up a baby, and then getting over to daycare at a reasonable time so that I can get to work and back by 4:30pm, which is when the baby has to be picked up each day! Yikes! I have a feeling that I'm going to be going through A LOT of coffee!

So what else is new with us? Amelia is holding her head up more and more, and she can even put some weight on her legs when we hold her upright. She's so strong! She's just getting bigger, and her hair is getting even more red and thickening out - so we're fairly certain it's here to stay! She's smiling all of the time, and I've caught a few giggle-like sounds coming from her when we're up in the middle of the night together. She's easily following things (including us) with her eyes, plus she LOVES her swing and vibrating chair and the sound of rattles (she can't quite grasp one yet, but she's getting close!). She seems to like bath time, but does not like her vitamins that she gets at bath time (she immediately puckers her mouth up when the eye dropper gets near her!).

Can't believe she'll be 2 months on Tuesday! Hopefully I'll have time to take some good photos!

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