Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wine update

I'm a bit behind on the wine making update - we started the second fermentation stage last week, which means we should be able to add the finishing products this weekend and then it will just need to age. Here are some photos of the hubby siphoning the must from the primary fermentation container into the secondary fermentation clear glass carboy.

The secondary fermentation allows any remaining sugars to be fermented to alcohol; the wine also becomes clear (hopefully!).

After this stage some wines are aged in oak barrels, however we haven't invested in one yet (I'm sure that's one of the next steps!) so we added oak chips (yes, wood chips) into the fermentation process to get that oak-y flavor. We'll bulk age the wine in the glass carboy for awhile before further aging it in the bottle.

I'll restrain myself here from going into a full-blown lecture on the fermentation process (I've taught the process of beer- and wine-making during my micro fermentation lecture before - because what college student doesn't want to learn about why fermentation is ACTUALLY important?!?), suffice it to say that we're having fun trying out the process ourselves!

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