Monday, March 29, 2010

Amelia...Child of God

The hubby and I took the baby (and the cat and dog) down to southern MN (and Iowa) for a long weekend (Thursday - Sunday) to get Amelia baptized. We decided to baptize her at my family's church, Waverly Lutheran, which is a small church near our family's farm which my ancestors actually had a hand in establishing. It was pretty neat to have her baptized among my 'church family,' plus it meant that our extended family in the area was able to be there. David's brother, Brian, and his wife, Jen, as well as my two brothers, Stephen and Daniel, all were asked to be sponsors for Mia, and Stephen played and sang her a song (So Are You To Me by Peter Bradley Adams) after the baptism. Mia slept through all of it! My parents got to carry her around the church to introduce her to the congregation (now her 'church family,' too!), and then she decided it was time to wake up and check things out. Grandma Vicki gave her a bottle, which helped to keep her happy and quiet! After taking a whole slew of family pictures, we headed back to the farm for a big family dinner (20+ people!), with lots of good food and wine!

My mom made a heritage blanket that will be used at baptism for all of the grandbabies - it was made from satin and lace cut from her's and her mom's wedding dresses, plus a really soft minky fabric on the backside. I also coerced her into making Mia's baptismal dress (fairly last minute, since I hadn't found anything that I really liked, but she was a good sport about it!). It was a pretty basic pillowcase-style dress, the main body was satin from her mom's (my grandma Mandy's) wedding dress, with a big lace border at the bottom that was from her dress, and then she found little flowers to add as an embellishment. She even made a matching headband with a flower! It all turned out really well and made for some adorable pictures.

Proud daddy!

The sponsors (all of our siblings!).

Grandpa and Grandma B (David's side).

David's full side.

My family.

My full side.

The whole group!

She fell asleep on the 5 minute drive home...taking pictures was A LOT of work!

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