Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Update

I know, I know, we haven't posted very many pictures lately - but we've been busy! I've been back to work for 2 weeks now, and although we have taken some pictures, I just got around to putting them on my computer (when are they going to make a camera that wirelessly transmits the images to your computer, or directly online, for that matter?). I do have to admit that the amount of pictures that we're taking has decreased, too, but I need to remedy that because she is changing EVERY DAY. It's insane - I swear she looks different than she did last week!

What's new with her? She is smiling all of the time now (we have been blessed with a very content and HAPPY baby - yay!), and she's starting to coo and "talk" more and more. She's grasping at things - she pulls on my shirt (which makes for some awkward situations in public) and she's always pulling at whatever washcloth or piece of clothing is nearby when we're changing her. She's really strong; she's doing a good job of lifting her head, although she tends to bang it onto my collarbone all of the time (she doesn't quite hold it up consistently yet). She's sleeping really well - in the past week she had more nights where she went down by 11pm and slept until 6am (or later!). Her Fridays home with dad are going pretty well, although she came him a run for his money last week - good thing I was able to bring the requested food supply home early to help out!

With that, here are some photos from the past week!

Her first pair of jeans! They're a little big, and they didn't last long, but they do exist!

Mia "talking."

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Katie said...

She does look MUCH different than last month. Much older (seems odd to say that about a 2 month old). I feel like I can see some personality coming through in the pictures now!