Thursday, April 29, 2010


We entered a photo of Mia in the Star Tribune's Cutest Baby Contest! You can vote for her TODAY (Thursday, April 29th) through TOMORROW (Friday, April 30th) ending at 9am. There are 2000 photos in the contest, but they've split the photos into 10 rounds of voting (200 photo each). You will need to register for the contest and confirm your email address before you can vote, but then I believe you'll be able to vote multiple times (once an hour?).


Wine batch #2 is in secondary fermentation - David racked it himself last night while I was running around Menards trying to pick up stuff for our multitude of outdoor projects that we're working on! The wine is a French Sauvignon Blanc, but I have to admit that it looks kind of gross right now. Since it's lighter in color than the red blend we did first, you can really see all of the cloudiness (which is a good thing - that means the yeast is growing and eating up all of the sugars to convert to alcohol).

Meanwhile, here's a closeup of the baby - she was chilling in her vibrating chair and sucking her thumb!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Play Time

Mia is enjoying her activity mat more and more - it's fun to watch her grab on to the hanging toys and watch herself in the mirror that hangs above her head. David likes to hang out under there too...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grain Belt Nordeast

Since we do still have a life outside of the baby (barely), I thought I'd share this photo of David and I enjoying our first Grain Belt Nordeast beers! Grain Belt just released this new beer - a maltier version of their Premium beer, and it was a big deal up here. Surdyk's opened at 8am for the big release (it was released in North East Mpls first, of course!) and Keegan's had it on tap that morning as well. We didn't make it out for the festivities (we do still work), but we were able to pick up a case a couple of days later.

Meanwhile, wine batch number two, a French Sauvignon Blanc, is currently fermenting in our kitchen. We're working on wine labels (hopefully reusable ones, since we plan on reusing as many bottles as possible!) for the first batch, and our wine rack to hold all of this overflow of wine is currently being made by one of David's fellow fire fighters. We're also possibly planting some cold hardy vines in our backyard this spring (assuming we can get the vines purchased and in soon!) - we wouldn't be able to harvest grapes from the vines anytime soon (for at least the first two years you just train them), but it'd be a good learning process for us. If that all pans out, I'll post pictures later. All in all, we have PLENTY to keep us busy these days!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roll Over

Mia rolled from her back to her tummy last night for the first time! She was of course stranded once she landed on her stomach and got upset, but as soon as I put her back on her back she'd do it again. Plus, I found her face down in her mattress last night at 4am (just what I wanted to wake up to!), and then again at 8am. I know she likes to snuggle her face into my chest or any available blanket, so I'm guessing now that she's learned how to roll over to her tummy she'll end up sleeping like this most of the time. Is that okay??

Here are some cute photos that I took last night (I spent a lot of time looking up infant photography since we're hoping to get some cute family and baby photos taken sometime this spring - outdoors! and was thus inspired!).

I love her evil look in this one!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look what I bought!

Just bought this adorable flower headband for Mia on Etsy. Love it. Can't wait to take some outdoor photos with it now that spring is here and everything is green and in bloom!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pool Time

Mia got to experience her first swimming pool this week since we were staying at a hotel in Grand Rapids, MN for a family funeral. I think she was a little confused at first, but she enjoyed "chasing" daddy through the water. While at the hotel, she also giggled for us for the first time - David was goofing around with her on the bed and she just started laughing and kept it up for almost 5 minutes. Of course now it's our goal to get her to laugh, but she refuses to do it again for us!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Fun

Yesterday we got the chance to soak up some of the beautiful sunshine, enjoy some yummy food, and introduce our daughter to more extended family. I only got the camera out after lunch, so I don't have many pictures, but here are a couple of Hannah (Mia's cousin, somehow) holding Mia. Hannah's little brother Hunter wasn't up for holding the baby, but he was excited to have us open presents for her! Mia got some great dresses and other fun stuff, while mommy and daddy got some presents of their own (wine and a "mommy" wine glass that says things like "nurse this," "sometimes I need to 'wine' too," "mommy's pacifier," etc.- pretty cute!). It was great getting to catch up with the family!

Amelia's new dress spent most of the day in her mouth.

See? Dress hiked up (classy) and only one sock (it's always the left one that she works off - why is that?)!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Our baby girl is definitely teething. Her drooling and chewing and sucking has dramatically increased over the past week. Our daycare provider confirmed it - she said Mia had to have her finger or her own finger in her mouth all day long on Thursday! We've picked up some teething toys that we can freeze or refrigerate, but we have to hold it in her mouth for her, since she hasn't mastered holding things for long on her own yet.

Here are a couple of quick videos - the first one is from last week when I had left her on the couch while I ran into the kitchen to put away some dishes, I had come back to find her sucking on the pillow she had wedged herself up against!

The second one is from this morning - she's finally learned to really play with the hanging toys on her vibrating chair. This may be our most important baby item these's the only way I get to shower in the mornings!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Check out this EP!

My little brother, Stephen, is a music producer here in the twin cities and recently started a new band, 9Tomorrows. They just released their 5 song EP, which you can download here. Other members of the band include Dave, the guy that owns and is the main producer at the music studio, Jai, another guy that works with the studio, and Dax, a friend of Stephen's from college. If you check out and/or download the EP, let me know what you think!

My little brother is the second one in the canoe (from the front), wearing some hill-billy vest (and other pictures evidence the fact that he's wearing cowboy boots!) I confirmed that they were not in fact his. Thank goodness.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bottled, Corked, and Sealed.

Well, we did it. We think. We have 30 bottles of Trinity California Red now aging on our dining room table. They have to remain upright for 3 days (to allow for the oxygen to leak out through the dry cork) and then we place them on their sides to keep the corks wet for storage. Lucky for us, one of the fire fighters that David works with is going to build us a 50-60 bottle wine rack (although that won't be ready anytime soon, so we'll have to figure out temporary storage for these bottles in the meantime - all of our current wine storage is full).

The wine has been aging in bulk in the carboy for a few weeks, but now we'll let it age for at least 2 months before trying out a bottle. We've got an idea for wine labels (hopefully reusable ones), so we'll keep you posted once we have a finished product (if only on the outside).

Here's David getting things set up.




Friday, April 02, 2010

3 months!

I tried to take some 3 month photos of Amelia - she wasn't super cooperative. Even with daddy's help, she would barely smile for us; I think she's distracted by the camera. Here are the best ones, with a few goofy ones thrown in to demonstrate how well the whole event went.

Big belly! And no smiles.

She kept flailing her arms all around - now I'm starting to see why all of you other parents say it's so hard to photograph them as they get older...

Her legs kept moving, and she managed to pull down the blanket we were using as a backdrop.

But finally...a SMILE!

We tried taking some with daddy's special fire helmet, but she was not in the mood. She just wanted to suck on her hand and ignore me (and no, she wasn't hungry, this is her normal activity these days).

I can't believe it's already been 3 months since we brought her home from the hospital! She continually amazes us by how much she grows and changes every day. Lately she's been drooling a lot and sucking on her hand (without being hungry). We're starting to wonder if she's teething already; evidently I started teething at 3 months, so we'll have to wait and see! She's getting better and better about holding her head up, and she wants to be held up or in our laps so that she can look at everything (including the TV - she's already fascinated by it!). She's started babbling a lot, which is fun. Every day is a new adventure with her.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Our little spitfire

Mia was all riled up last night - babbling, kicking her legs and waving her arms, smiling, and all-out entertaining us until she crashed at 8:30 and stayed down until 5:30am! This was especially nice since I picked up a cold somewhere (hmm...couldn't possibly have something to do with the sick relatives back home and my general lack of sleep these days!) - so I need as much rest as possible! Here's hoping the baby doesn't get it next!!