Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bottled, Corked, and Sealed.

Well, we did it. We think. We have 30 bottles of Trinity California Red now aging on our dining room table. They have to remain upright for 3 days (to allow for the oxygen to leak out through the dry cork) and then we place them on their sides to keep the corks wet for storage. Lucky for us, one of the fire fighters that David works with is going to build us a 50-60 bottle wine rack (although that won't be ready anytime soon, so we'll have to figure out temporary storage for these bottles in the meantime - all of our current wine storage is full).

The wine has been aging in bulk in the carboy for a few weeks, but now we'll let it age for at least 2 months before trying out a bottle. We've got an idea for wine labels (hopefully reusable ones), so we'll keep you posted once we have a finished product (if only on the outside).

Here's David getting things set up.





Keith and Mary Jo said...

Wow, looks impressive. We are hoping your first venture is a successful one...we love wine!

Uncle Butch and Aunt Mary Jo

MJ said...

Thanks guys! We'll definitely be sure to let you know how it turns out! I think we're planning on starting a white this weekend. :)