Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Fun

Yesterday we got the chance to soak up some of the beautiful sunshine, enjoy some yummy food, and introduce our daughter to more extended family. I only got the camera out after lunch, so I don't have many pictures, but here are a couple of Hannah (Mia's cousin, somehow) holding Mia. Hannah's little brother Hunter wasn't up for holding the baby, but he was excited to have us open presents for her! Mia got some great dresses and other fun stuff, while mommy and daddy got some presents of their own (wine and a "mommy" wine glass that says things like "nurse this," "sometimes I need to 'wine' too," "mommy's pacifier," etc.- pretty cute!). It was great getting to catch up with the family!

Amelia's new dress spent most of the day in her mouth.

See? Dress hiked up (classy) and only one sock (it's always the left one that she works off - why is that?)!


Fixen Vixen said...

Wow! Her red hair really shows in these pictures. Adorable!

MJ said...

I know! I think the dark blue dress brings out the red hair and bright blue eyes!