Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grain Belt Nordeast

Since we do still have a life outside of the baby (barely), I thought I'd share this photo of David and I enjoying our first Grain Belt Nordeast beers! Grain Belt just released this new beer - a maltier version of their Premium beer, and it was a big deal up here. Surdyk's opened at 8am for the big release (it was released in North East Mpls first, of course!) and Keegan's had it on tap that morning as well. We didn't make it out for the festivities (we do still work), but we were able to pick up a case a couple of days later.

Meanwhile, wine batch number two, a French Sauvignon Blanc, is currently fermenting in our kitchen. We're working on wine labels (hopefully reusable ones, since we plan on reusing as many bottles as possible!) for the first batch, and our wine rack to hold all of this overflow of wine is currently being made by one of David's fellow fire fighters. We're also possibly planting some cold hardy vines in our backyard this spring (assuming we can get the vines purchased and in soon!) - we wouldn't be able to harvest grapes from the vines anytime soon (for at least the first two years you just train them), but it'd be a good learning process for us. If that all pans out, I'll post pictures later. All in all, we have PLENTY to keep us busy these days!

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