Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roll Over

Mia rolled from her back to her tummy last night for the first time! She was of course stranded once she landed on her stomach and got upset, but as soon as I put her back on her back she'd do it again. Plus, I found her face down in her mattress last night at 4am (just what I wanted to wake up to!), and then again at 8am. I know she likes to snuggle her face into my chest or any available blanket, so I'm guessing now that she's learned how to roll over to her tummy she'll end up sleeping like this most of the time. Is that okay??

Here are some cute photos that I took last night (I spent a lot of time looking up infant photography since we're hoping to get some cute family and baby photos taken sometime this spring - outdoors! and was thus inspired!).

I love her evil look in this one!


Redevetter said...

Yes, it's fine. If she wants to sleep on her belly, let her sleep on her belly.

J-Funk said...

GREAT pictures

FYI the photographer that did our baby pictures is goign to be in Minneapolis in October and is looking for clients to do photo shoots - if you're interested, her website is www.jennifertai.net - she is awesome!

Thanks for the heads up on the etsy headband, I am about to order one!!!

MJ said...

Thanks for the reassurance Sara - my mom also reminded me that at least now she can hold her head up, so there's less of a chance of her suffocating because she's face down into the mattress! ;)

J-Funk, thanks for the heads up about your photographer - I just emailed her for more info. I really liked the photos she took for you, so it may be fun to have her do some family photos this fall - when we have a 9 MONTH OLD!!

Laura said...

What amazing pictures! I can't wait to see her roll over in person.