Saturday, April 10, 2010


Our baby girl is definitely teething. Her drooling and chewing and sucking has dramatically increased over the past week. Our daycare provider confirmed it - she said Mia had to have her finger or her own finger in her mouth all day long on Thursday! We've picked up some teething toys that we can freeze or refrigerate, but we have to hold it in her mouth for her, since she hasn't mastered holding things for long on her own yet.

Here are a couple of quick videos - the first one is from last week when I had left her on the couch while I ran into the kitchen to put away some dishes, I had come back to find her sucking on the pillow she had wedged herself up against!

The second one is from this morning - she's finally learned to really play with the hanging toys on her vibrating chair. This may be our most important baby item these's the only way I get to shower in the mornings!

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