Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me, late!

We had David's parents in town for the weekend, which meant David and Don were busy doing house projects all weekend, but the end result was a new side door on the garage, 2 new exterior lights, a functioning closet door hinge, and a semi-functioning weed whipper. It was a busy weekend, but it was fun to spend some time with them! On Mother's Day, I snapped a quick photo on my phone of Mia and I before heading out to Home Depot to purchase all of our flowers and the rest of the veggies and herbs for the garden. She was extra cute in her yellow flower hat! After the grandparents left, David and I spent the remainder of the afternoon mowing and planting, in between keeping Amelia entertained (she spent a good chunk of time in her stroller outside with us). We also picked up 3 Vikings onesies that we found for her on Craigslist (new, for only $8!), so she'll be ready for football this fall! It was a good day, and it was extra good to get all of the planting and mowing done before the rain moved in this week! Up next? We're separating for the weekend - Mia and I are off to Wisconsin for my cousin Missy's bridal shower and David is off to South Dakota to visit his brother's family. We'll definitely be looking forward to having a couple of weekends at home, just the three of us, after that!

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