Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mia peed her crib...

Just a quick story - Amelia peed the bed (crib) for the first time last week! I went in to pick her up Friday morning (the same morning I found her migrating off of her activity mat...) and I realized (in slow motion, it seemed like) that her back was wet, and then I realized that I could feel her butt cheeks, which normally doesn't happen since her diaper is there. I set her down on her changing table and unzipped her pjs to see that she had managed to wiggle out of her diaper and pee all over herself and her crib! It was especially funny because David and I thought we'd heard her giggling to herself while we were laying in bed, prior to going in to check on her. She evidently thought it was pretty funny (or warm!)!

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