Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missy's Bridal Shower

The girls took a road trip this weekend out to Wisconsin for my cousin, Missy's, bridal shower - it was just me, Mia, and grandma Karen. The hubby headed in the other direction to visit his brother's family in South Dakota - it was a long 2 days of being away from his baby girl! Meanwhile, the girls took the entire day on Saturday to drive to Wisconsin - we took some long breaks along the way to make sure that the baby didn't get too upset about being in her car seat for so long. This meant that we had a lot of shopping opportunities! We left the farm, made it into town to get grandma's car washed and then had to stop at an estate sale before we even hit the road! Grandma found a cool 1960s doll house for the grandbaby, so it was worth the stop! Then we stopped in Rochester for more shopping (Mia made a killing at Kohl's with grandma's 30% off coupon!) and lunch. Finally, we were ready to get back on the road and get to Wisconsin....but then we discovered the outlets at Wisconsin Dells...and Mia needed a break, so we fed and changed her and shopped again! We ended up making it out to uncle Ralph's in time for a late supper and some catching up with the family before Mia crashed.

Uncle Ralph got to meet Mia for the first time!

At the shower, Missy's friend's mom gave her a tablecloth made from pieces of her mom's wedding dress, which she'll be using at the wedding.

Unfortunately, Amelia fell asleep before we got a good shot of her in one of her new outfits (but it was cute!).

The ride back was supposed to be quicker (far less stops, but Mia did need to eat again once we got to the she got another dress for next summer - but it was only $5!!), but we did get stuck in some crazy road construction traffic which added an additional 1.5 hours of time in the car! All in all, it was a great weekend, and we're so excited for the big wedding and celebration next month! But we'll be sure to look up some alternate routes to avoid any road construction next time!

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