Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trying to work at home...

So I dropped the baby off at daycare and came back home to work since I'm just analyzing ELISA data (seriously, how many ways can you analyze the same data?? evidently many, as I am finding out) and writing a review article. Plus, it's cold and rainy out AGAIN and I decided that my mood was better suited to staying warm and dry today instead of trudging through the rain to get to campus.

That being said, my other 'babies' are providing plenty of distraction - just like they used to do pre-Amelia!

It's downpouring, but Jonas is refusing to go into his dry garage and is instead hanging out on the deck, where he can watch me work at my computer on the dining room table.

Meanwhile Syd is sprawled out on the table, and trying to play with me from the other side of the computer. Jeez! Can't a girl get anything done around here?

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