Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visit from Ted & Erin

Ted, Erin, and Lucas were in town from Kansas City, so we got together at our place last night, along with Laura and Gabe. Some cute photos of their son Lucas - he enjoyed chasing the kitty up and down the stairs - which meant that either Ted or Erin was constantly following up and down! Luckily we crashed early so the adults could hang out (plus baby Amelia, since she wasn't ready for bed yet!). It was great getting to catch up with them - and to have a preview of what life will be like with Mia in about a year and a half!


J-Funk said...

Mandy - YOU HAVE THE EXACT SAME CHAIR AS WE DO!! (from a post a few back) We call it the 'bubble chair' because Layla LOVES the bubbles. She cries when the bubbles stop. She has become best buds with the yellow starfish too. Every morning she tells him like it is while she kicks and punches at the bubbles.

MJ said...

Funny! That is actually an extra chair that we picked up for my parents' place since she loves her other one (with a fake waterfall and moving monkey and frog) so much!