Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We started the baby on rice cereal last week and she seems to be progressing quite nicely. For her first feeding, we made a very dilute mix of rice and milk, which is what we're showing below. This first feeding was pretty uneventful since she didn't want to take the milk mixture by spoon, but after a few more tries (and a much thicker preparation), she's getting the hang of it. She likes to grab at the spoon and "help" me feed her. She's still only eating a very small amount during each feeding, but it's getting easier (and more productive) each time we try.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update

Our first weekend home in what feels like ages meant lots of stuff to do around the house! I finally finished spray painting the wicker bookcase for Mia's room. It's a bright lavender, so it doesn't match the other bookcase that was already in her room, but I knew that finding the same color in a spray version would be next to impossible, so I opted for something fun that would coordinate and still work for a big girl room someday.

Not only was she excited for her new bookcase, but she wanted to show off her U of M pjs that she's been wearing ever since we told her that we got season tix for this season!

Meanwhile, we did another section of our rock project/backyard landscaping (sorry, no pics of that), and got around to bottling the Sauvignon Blanc that has just been sitting in the carboy bulk aging. It looks pretty awesome, and didn't taste all that bad, but we'll be more excited in a few months once it's aged a bit longer.

Friday, June 25, 2010

They defiled my child.

Wait, what is this? Mom and Dad said that I'm not allowed to wear green and yellow...

I'm not sure why you guys are laughing so much...

Okay, seriously. Get this thing off of me!

Oh, cool, a new burp cloth!

Whew! The hat is gone. I stick my tongue out at all of this Packer crap!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Cole Camp 2010: Missy & Austin's Wedding

We spent a long weekend in Wisconsin for our annual family gathering (Cole Camp) and my cousin Missy's wedding! It was the first time for most of the extended Cole family to meet Amelia, which was pretty special. We also got to introduce Mia to her cousin, Huck, who was born on the exact same day! He looks a bit bigger than she does, but you don't really understand the size difference until you hold them - he's so sturdy and dense compared to Amelia! You can already tell that he's going to be big like his daddy! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the big weekend.

Mia got to meet her great-GREAT aunt Dell for the first time!

First photo of the sisters - excited for the big weekend!

In our typical fashion, we found a nearby brewery - Tyranena - and did a tasting prior to the wedding festivities! (We also did this before my cousin Josh's wedding out in Ft Collins, CO - where we hit the New Belgium brewery!)

Mia was pretty excited to visit her first brewery - she's been to 3 wineries, now, so it's about time we get her caught up on the beer end of things!

Family photo.

A group of us went to the Dairy Farm Father's Day Breakfast on the morning of the wedding - Mia got to meet the cows.

Our car decorating job.

Grandma Karen bought Mia her first pair of shades!

This was the first time that GREAT aunt Nae was able to hold Amelia without her crying!

Mr. & Mrs.

The whole Cole clan!

Huck & Mia, he's in a tux onesie!

The girl cousins (and one cousin-in-law) - minus the bride!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Home Additions

My grandma is downsizing from her house into a condo and she recently had an estate sale, which Mia and I ran down to help out with. At the sale, we were able to pick out a few pieces of furniture (and other items) to keep. We found a wicker bookshelf that was white, but is in the process of being painted 'grape' purple for Mia's room (we figured it'd be good for now and will 'grow' with her into a big girl room someday!). I'll post a better photo once it's finished and in place in her nursery, but here's an idea of it's current state.

We also got a table, which fits perfectly in our kitchen and will replace a wicker and glass seating table that we originally had under the window (but never actually used for seating since our dining table is about 3 steps from here!). It has provided a place to collect almost all of my cookbooks (I still have a stack stashed away in the office...), plus it allows me to properly display my favorite ones - which I'm hoping will inspire me to pull them out a little more often! I also love that it has ends that pop up to create a longer serving area, which will come in handy once we start entertaining again (that part of our lives has been put on hiatus with the new baby!).

Meanwhile, I was able to steal this Dr. Pepper crate (from St. James, MN, near our hometown) from my parent's cabin and work it into my baking and prep cart in our kitchen. It matches the yellow and red Coca-Cola crate that I had previously been using to store some of my cookbooks, so it was the perfect fit! Now it holds my baking supplies (chocolate chips, marshmallows, caramels, etc.), plus a mini processor (which I needed to keep handy, but was wondering how to keep it out of Mia's reach once she becomes a bit more mobile). Sugar and flour are still being stored in large glass canisters next to the top crate, while I was able to stash cereal and instant oatmeal into the bottom crate, freeing up more room in my cupboards!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Day Flowers

It's raining. Again. So to boost my mood (which frankly needs more than a little boosting after getting up an hour early, missing much-valuable morning time with my baby, and getting to the first day of class for which I am a co-instructor, only to wave as introduction and not say a single word - really did I NEED to be there for that??) I am posting a few pictures of my flower pots, which are coming along quite nicely. In the big, black pots I have dracaena (spike plant) in the center, surrounded by yellow butterfly Marguerite daisies, fuschia wave petunias, and snapdragons (they're getting crowded out a bit by the petunias, but they're in there - look for the red).

In the smaller, red pots I have yellow snapdragons, pink moss roses, and something in the center, for which I can no longer remember the name!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mia's Play Time

She was pretty happy with herself.

Trying out her saucer for awhile - she's still a bit too small to really enjoy it yet!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mia's First Twins Game!

David received 4 free tickets to Tuesday night's MN Twins baseball game from one of his co-workers. They were Pepsi corporate tix, right along the first base line, so we were especially anxious to use them! It was our first time taking the baby to a Twins game, and it was our first time in the beautiful new OUTDOOR stadium! But...it rained all day on Tuesday, and we were sure it was either going to be rained out or we'd be sitting in the rain wondering what to do about the baby. We picked up a couple of cheap ponchos for the hubby and I, and I managed to find a Toy Story rain slicker that was a small child size, but would work to keep Mia covered (it was HUGE). Lucky for us, the last of the rain moved through by 5pm and it was clear skies and 65 degrees for the rest of the evening. What a beautiful night for outdoor baseball!

Mia sporting her new pink Twins onesie that Grandma Karen got her!

Getting settled into our seats (we took Laura and Gabe with us).

Our view - no zoom!

Family shot!

Even outdoors, it can get pretty loud in there! Daddy wasn't sure that was such a good thing for Mia...wait until football season...

Mia's bottle and Mommy's bottle! :)

Mia was absolutely FANTASTIC! She was very entertained by everything going on around us! I think she was pretty entertaining for those people sitting behind us, too! She took down half a bottle mid-way through the game and then fell asleep for a couple of innings, and she woke up for the final half inning. We did a quick diaper change on daddy's lap, then packed her back into the Snugli carrier to walk back to our car. We will definitely be going back! What a great night!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Graduation Weekend Back Home

We headed home for the big MCW graduation last weekend, normally we wouldn't make the trip back just for that, but we couldn't miss Liz's grad party! It's pretty hard to believe that the little girl I used to babysit is now a high school graduate (and I've officially been out for 10 years!)!! And more importantly, she is going to be a University of Minnesota FRESHMAN! She requested that the baby be brought in her U of M attire, which you can kind of see below.

We hit a couple of other parties, one we'd also been invited to, as well as one we had not (yes, we crashed the superintendent's son's grad party, but considering his mom stole Mia immediately after we showed up, I don't think it was much of an issue!). The trip allowed us to catch up with some friends that we hadn't seen in awhile, and to run into a friend's mom that is now growing wine grapes on an extra farm (David enjoyed picking her brain about that whole process - one of these days he's going to move us to the country to start a vineyard...).

While at home, we were able to take Mia on her first boat ride with grandpa Jon and grandma Karen - she seems pretty happy in these photos, but she did NOT like her life jacket. Luckily, it was close to bedtime, so she feel asleep and we were able to enjoy our ride.

We also got to spend a quick night with grandma Vicki and grandpa Don - but we only seem to catch photo ops of Mia with grandpa! Sorry grandma! :)