Monday, June 07, 2010

5 Month Update

The hubby and baby are napping on either side of me, and I need a break from analyzing ELISA data, so I can finally give an update on our FIVE MONTH OLD!

Amelia turned 5 months last week, and in the past 2.5 weeks, she has cut not one, but TWO teeth! She seemed to be getting fussier than normal at night for awhile, and then all of a sudden I noticed something sharp when I stuck my finger against her bottom gum! She was MUCH happier for a day or two, but then she became slightly fussy again - low and behold, tooth #2 showed up soon after! You can only really see the nubbin of the first tooth, and a slight indent and break in the gum where the second tooth is coming up.

Meanwhile, she's been turning from her back to her tummy for quite some time, but this past weekend she just figured out how to roll from her tummy back onto her back! It was especially fun, since we were back home visiting the grandparents and they got to see her in action! Now we're considering moving our evenings down to the basement so that she has the entire carpeted floor to roll around on. Our main floor living room has just an area rug over our hardwood floors (that we redid ourselves a couple of years ago), which is awesome, but not super convenient for a now-mobile baby! Today is our first night back in our own house since she figured out the whole rolling thing, and I already found her under a chair on the hardwood (and she then proceeded to bang her head on the wood trying to roll back onto the blanket), stuck in the bobby pillow, and hooked (by her arm) on the arches of her activity mat. So, we removed the mat, placed a bunch of cushy blankets on the floor, and we're going from there.

She continues to smile and giggle. David discovered that she giggles when he spooked her (not sure why he was trying this in the first place...), so it's pretty entertaining to spook her and watch her start laughing. Overall, it seems like she's grown by leaps and bounds in the past few weeks - she's longer, she's much stronger, and it's like she's actually starting to understand what we're saying! It's amazing and we are loving every minute of it!

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