Monday, June 21, 2010

Cole Camp 2010: Missy & Austin's Wedding

We spent a long weekend in Wisconsin for our annual family gathering (Cole Camp) and my cousin Missy's wedding! It was the first time for most of the extended Cole family to meet Amelia, which was pretty special. We also got to introduce Mia to her cousin, Huck, who was born on the exact same day! He looks a bit bigger than she does, but you don't really understand the size difference until you hold them - he's so sturdy and dense compared to Amelia! You can already tell that he's going to be big like his daddy! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the big weekend.

Mia got to meet her great-GREAT aunt Dell for the first time!

First photo of the sisters - excited for the big weekend!

In our typical fashion, we found a nearby brewery - Tyranena - and did a tasting prior to the wedding festivities! (We also did this before my cousin Josh's wedding out in Ft Collins, CO - where we hit the New Belgium brewery!)

Mia was pretty excited to visit her first brewery - she's been to 3 wineries, now, so it's about time we get her caught up on the beer end of things!

Family photo.

A group of us went to the Dairy Farm Father's Day Breakfast on the morning of the wedding - Mia got to meet the cows.

Our car decorating job.

Grandma Karen bought Mia her first pair of shades!

This was the first time that GREAT aunt Nae was able to hold Amelia without her crying!

Mr. & Mrs.

The whole Cole clan!

Huck & Mia, he's in a tux onesie!

The girl cousins (and one cousin-in-law) - minus the bride!


Laura said...

Cute dress Mandy! It looks like it even matched Mia's sunglasses!

MJ said...

Thanks! It kind of did - except the white spots on Mia's glasses were actually tiny guitars! ;)