Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mia's First Twins Game!

David received 4 free tickets to Tuesday night's MN Twins baseball game from one of his co-workers. They were Pepsi corporate tix, right along the first base line, so we were especially anxious to use them! It was our first time taking the baby to a Twins game, and it was our first time in the beautiful new OUTDOOR stadium! rained all day on Tuesday, and we were sure it was either going to be rained out or we'd be sitting in the rain wondering what to do about the baby. We picked up a couple of cheap ponchos for the hubby and I, and I managed to find a Toy Story rain slicker that was a small child size, but would work to keep Mia covered (it was HUGE). Lucky for us, the last of the rain moved through by 5pm and it was clear skies and 65 degrees for the rest of the evening. What a beautiful night for outdoor baseball!

Mia sporting her new pink Twins onesie that Grandma Karen got her!

Getting settled into our seats (we took Laura and Gabe with us).

Our view - no zoom!

Family shot!

Even outdoors, it can get pretty loud in there! Daddy wasn't sure that was such a good thing for Mia...wait until football season...

Mia's bottle and Mommy's bottle! :)

Mia was absolutely FANTASTIC! She was very entertained by everything going on around us! I think she was pretty entertaining for those people sitting behind us, too! She took down half a bottle mid-way through the game and then fell asleep for a couple of innings, and she woke up for the final half inning. We did a quick diaper change on daddy's lap, then packed her back into the Snugli carrier to walk back to our car. We will definitely be going back! What a great night!


Fixen Vixen said...

Downing a bottle, falling asleep for a few innings, and waking up for the last half of the last inning sounds like me at a baseball game! The new field looks awesome!

MJ said...

No kidding! :)